Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mentalist's Simon Baker for the new Batman's Joker?

In The Mentalist Revealed Simon Baker says he "loves conmen and deception", that's why he "loves acting". He could more than adaquately replace his (late) Aussie compatriot, Heath Ledger, as the Joker, facing off Christian Bale's Batman.

Guardian report here.

The Herald report here.

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JavierGR said...


I think that the story of Patrick Jane itself could be an interesting alternative origin for The Joker.

Suppose that The Mentalist story ends with a true confrontation of any kind with Red John, with a surprising revelation that drives Patrick Jane mad, then he can be a great joker as he:
- is truly smart
- is a master of deception and acting, resourceful, etc
- even dress now almost like the joker
- has suffered a personal tragedy
- knows internal workings of police as he´s been an assesor for a long time.

i.e: It is only needed a turn to madness to turn Patrick Jane into the joker.

¿what do you think?


Kailey Patterson said...

I like that idea he could very well be a good joker with his smile his hair and his mind games. I was hoping for him to go insane in the mentalist but it never happened. They should have shown more of the time he was in the asylum/locked room with Sophie. All in all I think he would make a great joker