Saturday, September 23, 2006

Loebner 2006 - Setup Day

Date: Saturday 16th September
Venue: UCL, 1-19 Torrington Place, WC1

So much to write!

Funniest moment: Tim (CEO Televirtual) speaking, over mobile, to computer equipment delivery guys telling them no matter where they were (and they were lost at the other end of Torrington Place, East of Gower Street) they were not where they were meant to be! They were very late, meant to arrive by noon arrived just before 1pm. Contestants were due at 2pm to load their programmes.

Dr. Hugh G. Loebner checked his communucation protocol while Greg, Televirtual's IT manager got down to work setting up the computer equipment as four local networks for four Turing Tests for the contest on Sunday 17th. I assisted Greg and hurt my big toe, right foot, my fault for being bare-footed.

HL detested the music we played and listened to while Greg and I worked, pretty hard, but we ignored hima and sang to Kinks "all day and all of the night"!

The contestants arrived and hung around waiting to load their entries. From left: Robert (Ultra Hal), Dr. David Hamill (agent for Noah's entry), Rollo Carpenter, Loebner 2005 winner and Hugh.

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