Friday, November 23, 2007

Loebner 2007 Winner

Congratulations to Robert Medeksza, his system won the 2007 Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence today.

Robert is the creator of Ultra Hal, which can be accessed here:

Noah Duncan's system came second and Rollo Carpenter's third.

Transcripts will be available shortly on the Loebner Prize home page, here:

Below is the full list of Judges / Turing Interrogators for Loebner 2007:

1. Russ Abbott
Professor, Computer Science; California State University, Los Angeles

2. Hartry Field
Silver Professor of Philosophy; New York University

3. Clayton Curtis
Assistant Professor of Psychology; New York University

4. Scott Hutchins
Lecturer, Department of English; Stanford University

Some pictures from Loebner 2007 can be seen on Vladmir Veselov's (runner-up in Loebner 2005) site here:

Sunday October 21, 2007

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