Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Truly great American people elect a charismatic man born to lead: Obama US President elect

Unbelievable, truly marvelous, that a country of only 12% blacks with a vile history in the slave trade would elect, so early in the 21st century, its very first half-white, half-black African American, America. I salute you and especially John McCain a most gracious man in defeat, awesome.

From 00:55 early this morning, McCain was in the lead with 21 to 3, looking good for the Republicans, but then Sky news had it 25 to Obama, 21 to McCain at 1:08, as I followed this historic night with fellow cricket fans across the Internet, where it was reported that 18-29 group and females were favouring Obama. At 1:14, according to one cricket poster, MSN had Obama 103 to McCain's 34, seemed at this point Obama was running away with it, the excitement was palpable. At 1:46, McCain had leapt to 69, Obama remained with 103, then came news that Elizabeth Dole, wife of Bob lost her North Carolina seat to Kay Hagan. At 4:52, we heard that CNN were reporting that it would be difficult for McCain as he had lost Pennsylvania.

At 2:03 Fox news projected that New Mexico and Ohio as Obama wins but then pulled back on their Ohio call. At 2:08, MSNBC had Obama at 175 with McCain on 70. At 2:16 McCain was up to 76 with his home state, Arizona, too close to call! At 2:18, McCain had moved to 81 to Obama's static 175, could he pull it off? At 2:23 Fox recalled Ohio for Obama, with two other networks following suit by 2:26. BBC at 2:30 had Obama on 195 to McCain's 76. At 2:37 it was 200 to 85 in Obama's favour. At 2:39 one fan called it for Obama, he'd won the Presidency and that it was all over, Obama had won New Mexico. At 3:06 Obama had 207, McCain 129; at 3:25, Obama had 260 with McCain 135. Around 4am CNN called the Presidency for Obama, after Huffington's blog called the win on their site. What a night!

Stayed up to listen to McCain's brilliant speech, he set the right, cooperative tone to some crowd boos, only the very great can lose so graciously as did American hero, John McCain. Then came the winner's speech, fantastic, tears on the faces of crowd members in Chicago, including Oprah Winfrey and Jesse Jackson, I can't imagine what they must have been feeling, well maybe it was the feeling those on the Subcontinent felt back in August 1947 when it was finally freed from Colonial rule, but no Obama's win is bigger, much more profound. America truly is the promised land.

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