Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discover magazine's article on Loebner Prize 2008's Turing tests

As if it is not bad enough that another article appears on the web with inaccuracies about 2008 Loebner Prize's Turing tests, hosted at the University of Reading, and including content looking familiarly close to content of submitted papers, it's plagiarised in another e-piece!

The Discover magazine's item How Can You Tell If Your IM Buddy Is Really a Machine? main inaccuracy concerns instructions to 'finals day' judges in Loebner Prize 2008: they were not told: "... that one of the chats was with a bot, while the other was with a human."

And I guess it's coincidental that it presents exactly the same transcript exchanges from Shah & Warwick's forthcoming conference presentation, Is Understanding Over-rated? (computing and philosophy), and submitted journal article, Testing Turing’s five minutes, parallel-paired imitation game (Kybernetes).

The Discover article appears 'borrowed' in another e_magazine here.

As Professor Kevin Warwick says, if such articles carry Turing's textual test for machine intelligence widely across Internet readership, all's well, inaccuracies notwithstanding!

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