Friday, February 05, 2010

Bellamy's People: 'What Exactly is Britishness?' Spoof!

3rd episode of hilarious new comedy Bellamy's People aired last night on BBC2.

The show is predicated on the idea of an award winning radio phone-in host, who has decided to leave his studio to find out what Britishness actually means. As intrepid as the other Bellamy (biologist, David), Gary goes forth meeting with people of today's Great Britain. Sometimes bemused by them, at other times playfully attacked, Bellamy connects with every caricature of multi-cultural Britons. Read the Gary Bellamy blog here.

Favourite character, is played by the brilliant Felix Dexter. As an African student, Julius Olufemwe, in London for the past twenty years reading Hotel Management Studies, he is just too funny!

We learn Julius adores British history, culture and traditions. He admires British buildings, shows Bellamy wonderful examples such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament. Yes, Dexter's African student loves all that is British, but especially its fabric, that which makes Britain lovely, its nobility! - Julius would love to say to his mother and father that he has become the Marquis of Shropshire, the Earl of Broadstairs, the Viscount of Guildford or the Duke of Reading :)

Bellamy talks to the outspoken radio talk-show host (think Jon Gaunt!), the Yorkshire poet, the un-racist English builder, the Aussie who thinks Great Britain is down the pan, the Pakistani who acquaints Bellamy of the benefit of his home nation: it's hotter :) And there's a Professor, Michael Dadd, who has all the important dates in British History at his fingertips, including the year of the Battle of Agincourt, which, much to the Historian's chagrin, Bellamy does not, and neither do I, without looking it up!

Many more characters to enjoy while spoofing up Britishness - watch on BBC iPlayer.

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