Wednesday, March 03, 2010

2010 Chatterbox Challenge

Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) is an annual contest held over the Internet that compares artificial conversational entities - ACE, across categories including 'best system'. The contest is loosely based on Alan Turing's notion to gauge whether a machine can think, conveyed through its answers to questions from a judge. The judge is not allowed to hear, see or touch the ACE, and must use their own interrogation technique via text-based questioning to assess.

The 2010 Chatterbox Challenge is looking for a small number of judges for this year's contest beginning March 15th. Judging requires access to an Internet-enabled computer. Judging is fun and also allows an insight into a broad area including the fields of natural language study, psychology, philosophy, software engineering and computer science.

Having participated in the 2005 CBC contest, I can say it was very interesting, and allowed for a paper write up for the Natural Language Understanding and Cognitive Science workshop, part of ICEIS 2006 (

If anyone is interested to act as a judge in the 2010 Chatterbox Challenge, please contact the Sponsor on support[at]chatterboxchallenge[dot]com

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