Sunday, June 17, 2012

David the 'emotional robot' from Prometheus

Off to BFI IMAX later today to see Prometheus, movie about the "search for our beginnings":

Hope it's as good as my favourite Ridley Scott films: Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982), and Gladiator, (2000).

 Looking forward to 'meeting' David the emotional robot:

[Image from artwork gallery on Prometheus official web site here.]

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Huma Shah said...

Ridley Scott's Prometheus lived up to my expectations - though it left me with a question about the beginning: why did the engineer 'drink from the poison' when it created WMDs to destroy its creation - humankind?

Dave the android was stunning, rather, Michael Fassbender put in a remarkable performance as the soulless robot that felt enjoyment at watching his favourite movie, Laurence of Arabia, and despair enough to annihilate the robo-bigot Dr. Holloway.

Visuals are awesome, the frenetic energy of this Scott movie reminded me more of the pace of Cameron's Aliens than the former's original.

Has to be seen at an IMAX - I'd BFI IMAX it again!