Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Imitation Game film will open BFI London Film Festival 2014 tomorrow: 8 October

The Imitation GameAlan Turing biopic based on Andrew Hodges book 'Alan Turing: the Enigma' will open BFI's 2014 London Film Festival tomorrow, 8 October 2014. Simultaneous screenings of the premiere will be shown around the UK, here's my ticket :)

Alan Turing has been played previously by Derek Jacobi in 'Breaking the Code' (1996), and by Ed Stoppard in 'Codebreaker' (2011).  

This time around it is Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the tragic genius in the film that marks the 60th anniversary year of the untimely death of the tragic genius in 1954.

From my guest editorial, in a special 'Turing on Emotions' volume of major papers in The International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE):

"Alan Turing is one of those towering pioneers under whose striding shadow researchers in  many fields amble. He accomplished and  contributed more in his 41 years than many  of us could hope to in twice that lifetime." 

From here:

My paper in Volume 5, issue 1 of IJSE:

"This paper makes no apology for its reading like a collection of book reports. It draws mainly on the reminiscences of Sara and John Turing, Alan Turing's mother and elder brother respectively, as well as from Andrew Hodges' extensive research on the man, his work and his impact gathered for the definitive Alan Turing biography. Alan Turing was a complex, talented man bereft of one stable and loyal companion throughout his life. He was the boy who explained Einstein's Theory of Relativity aged 15½ for his mother and the tormented outcast who gave us the modern world (Sunday Times, 2011)."

Read more here : http://www.igi-global.com/article/the-emotions-of-alan-turing/113417

Update 8 October:

Trailer for 'The Imitation Game' movie:

Coventry University continues Turing's pioneering work in machine intelligence, press notice here:

Deputy Vice Chancellor-Research, Professor Kevin Warwick said: "The Turing Test is one of the most important yet controversial milestones in the field of artificial intelligence, and Coventry University is critically involved with its practical assessment. This will have a dramatic impact on future communication not only where computers are involved but in all aspects of cyber-crime where identity and deception are key elements".


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