Thursday, September 29, 2016

Turing's Imitation Game: Conversations with the Unknown

New book published by Cambridge University Press, September 2016:

Turing's Imitation Game: Conversations with the Unknown
co-authored by  Kevin Warwick and Huma Shah

Based on Shah's PhD thesis, Deception-detection and Machine Intelligence in Practical Turing tests, the book presents interviews with two contemporaries of Alan Turing, (the late) Professor John Westcott, and Sir Giles Brindley co-members of the Ratio Club. It tells the story of the origins of the ideas that gave rise to the Turing test and introduces you to Developers of computer programmes and the chatbots that attempt to answer any question in a satisfactory manner.

The book is appropriate for 'A' level and university students and teachers with interest beyond computer science: design, engineering natural language, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, robotics, ethics and cybercrime/deception-detection.

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