Sunday, May 10, 2009

Honda's Humanoid Robots Learning to Behave

Prof. Edgar Körner, President of Honda's Europe research institute presented the IET 2009 Tustin Lecture last Thursday, 7 May 2009

Apart from learning that Asimo robot's control includes use of joysticks, Professor Körner enlightened on his research team's approach at Honda to intelligence: as a "technology and strategy for robust and flexible problem-solving in short time" and treat the brain as a "dynamical control system for organising behaviour and predict outcome of more specific behaviours" with the essence of any intelligent system is the "control of learning".

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Asimo image from November 2003 issue of JOM: Personification: The Materials Science and Engineering of Humanoid Robots.

Humanoid Robots: Learning to Behave: UKACC and IET Tustin Lecture 2009

By Prof. Dr. Edgar Korner, President, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH

From: Tustin Lecture 2009

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