Friday, May 15, 2009

Wolfram | Alpha Search/Knowledge Engine Launch

Wolfram | Alpha Knowledge Engine (WAKE) launches today, May 15, 2009.

Read how scientist and inventor, Stephen Wolfram's knowledge engine is designed to work here.

WAKE demonstration

Webcast Launch here.

Will Wolfram's new paradigm in Internet search aid learning, improve research, or assist plagiarism? Anyone use Preview Seek? Wasn't that engine touted to rival Google?

2 comments: said...

Yeah, there have been new "Google Killers" coming out every couple weeks. This one does look different, but it may be of limited use. I'll be watching tonight's launch.

Huma Shah said...

Hello SpooframAlpha!

I tried it out just now, typed in 'What is the Turing test?' and was presented with "Human Discourse" and "Additional functionality for this topic is under development..."

When I typed in "Who is Alan Turing?", the engine presented a table of information on Turing's birth date, birth place, death date and place of death.