Monday, June 01, 2009

2009 Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence

Hugh Loebner's announcement on Robitron Yahoo group:

"There were 5 entrants for Loebner Prize 2009.

Two entries were excluded: One entry would not run, and one entry sent a commercial version of his program with the promise that it would be modified for the LPP for the finals.

Three entries complied with LPP, and have been accepted for the finals. They are:

Rollo Carpenter (multiple winner)
Mohan Embar (first time entrant)
David Levy (winner of 1997 competition)

Since the number of working entries was less than 4, I did not bother to score them.

Congratulations to the finalists, and may the best bot win.

Hugh Loebner"

(Mohan Embar submitted Chip Vivant to Loebner Prize 2008's preliminary phase, the judges did not select the system for the finals last October)

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