Saturday, June 06, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Once again Christian Bale is cinematically overshadowed by an Aussie. In the Dark Knight it was the late Heath Ledger who outperformed Bale's Batman. This time, it is Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator's worthy successor, Sam Worthington.

Uncannily Schwarzenegger-like aesthetically, as the altruistic cyborg, Worthington makes the fourth Terminator film worth the movie-house ticket. With scenes reminiscent of Mad Max, Transformers and many collision/explosion-centred special effects movies, it pales in comparison to T2-Judgment Day's ground-breaking spectacle.

Though he's busy with Avatar, what any Terminator sequel needs is JAMES CAMERON!

Click for link to Warner Brothers' Terminator Salvation movie site. Below Salvation clip from YouTube:

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