Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Science Debate: Lord Drayson vs Dr Ben Goldacre

Science debate at the Royal Institution streaming live at The Times Higher.

Lord Drayson picture by Kate AG (from twitpic):

Picture of the night #scidebate on Twitpic

Live debate: Science reporting: is it good for you?
16 September 2009, 7pm
Join Science Minister Lord Drayson and Dr Ben Goldacre (author of Bad Science) for an open discussion on the state of science reporting in Britain.

Participate in the debate via Twitter (@timeshighered) - air your views on what’s good and bad about the coverage of science and science-related stories in the UK. For full details visit or call 020 7409 2992. For customer support call 020 3194 3372.

Please note that the debate will also be available *here to view on demand from 17 September 2009 at 4pm GMT.


Dr. Ben Goldacre picture by Kate AG (from twitpic):

Alternative LOL shot, "I salute that" @bengoldacre #scidebate on Twitpic

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