Thursday, September 03, 2009

UK Alan Turing petition number passes 25,000, and Bletchley Enigma Reunion

John Graham-Cumming's petition "to apologize for the prosecution of Alan Turing that led to his untimely death" has now reached 25,682 signatories on the 10 Downing Street Turing petition site. Awesome!

The World Turing petition has reached 9750.

Remembering WWII code-breakers

This weekend, 5/6 September 2009 will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the arrival of Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman at Bletchley Park for the Annual Enigma Reunion. Highlights inlcude:

"guest speakers giving talks, which will be taking place over the two days of the event. So why not come along and see these unique machines and attend one of the talks.

In addition all of the regular, fascinating exhibits at BP will be open to visitors. These include the rebuilds of Colossus and the Bombe, Jack Darrah’s unique collection of Churchillian memorabilia and Block B museum. Our popular guided tours are available to visitors.

Watch the skies above Bletchley Park come alive with a Battle of Britain Memorial Flypast of a Lancaster." (On Saturday 5th September at 3.15pm)

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