Friday, January 08, 2010

75th Anniversary - Elvis Presley

That great, 20th century rock 'n roll protagonist, Elvis Presley would be celebrating his 75th birthday today, had he not died prematurely aged 42.

With an unrivalled voice, smooth looks, athletic physique and gyrating hips Elvis's musical legacy will live on forever with terrific tunes, including my favourite Elvis number that begins with a crooning drawl ending with pacy tempo: Devil in Disguise:

Official Elvis Presley, king of rock 'n roll site here.

Guardian piece on Elvis's costumes:

"most famous design, and probably my personal favourite, is the suit Elvis wore for his Aloha in Hawaii in 1973. He had requested a patriotic design because the show was going to be broadcast around the world. I grabbed a piece of paper and sketched out an eagle in blue and yellow marker and told Bill, "I want to do this." He said: "Go for it." I think that jumpsuit became synonymous with his image for many people."

Read more here.

Update: Found this beautiful Elvis ballad - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello

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