Monday, January 11, 2010

Chatterbox Challenge 2010

In its 10th year, in the 60th anniversary of Turing's Computing Machinery and Intelligence, 'can a machine think?' game Chatterbox Challenge launches its 2010 contest.

Alternative to the Loebner Prize, the Chatterbox Challenge galvanises:


- Improves your skills in building your bot.

- Benchmarks your bot intelligence for free.

- Makes your bot win prizes based on his intelligence and personality.

- Gets your bot more popular and reviewed by visitors.


- Gives you the opportunity to judge and review chatbots.

- Helps you to vote for the best chatbot.

- Shows the latest and the most innovative techniques in Artificial Intelligence.

- Is a good reason to start building your own bot.


- Shows you new innovative techniques to run your business.

- Helps you to get in touch with the world wide talents.

- Makes you more popular with a higher page rank.

- Gets you associated with innovative industry for present and future.

Developers can enter their artificial conversational entities - ACE here. Chatterbox Challenge history can be viewed here.

Judges wishing to assess systems (between March and May) can contact the Organiser here.

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