Friday, September 19, 2008

The Turing Test, The Rickman Test and now the Warwick Test

We know the Turing Test is a conversational measure for machine intelligence.

We have the Rickman Test, a means for a machine to display creativity and originality through comedy (The Philosopher as a Joker).

We now have the Warwick Test:

Kevin Warwick (2008) says

"When/if a machine could do that (and you can't tell the difference from a human) then it would have passed the Warwick Test."

Mechatronics and Madame Tussauds: can you beat Sadie and Kaya's extraordinary body artistry and win the Warwick Test?!

A link to Sadie and Kaya's Internet sites can be found here and here.


Scott Jensen said...

I volunteer to be an inspector to make sure all the human contestants are really human. I promise to be thorough and very demanding. I will though need several bottles of champagne, a big bowl of strawberries, and at least a few spray can of whipped cream. I will give you my results the next morning.

Huma said...

I'm sure the science will appreciate the vigour with which you would rigorously inspect any human belly-artists! :-)