Friday, September 12, 2008

Demented Zardari's Doctors Deserve Nobel for Medicine!

Asif Ali Zardari, now President of nuclear-Pakistan, probably the most dangerous, profligate, terrorist recruitment nation in the world, is one moment of dementia away from pushing the nuclear button.

"...disclosure of medical records indicating that as recently as last year, doctors hired by Zardari had diagnosed him with mental problems including dementia, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. Lawyers for Zardari had argued in London's high court that he was too ill to testify in corruption-related cases, and they submitted recent mental-health evaluations as evidence."

Medicine's Nobel Prize for Mr 10%'s hired doctors? He's cured from dementia, hurrah for Pakistan!

"This is not the first time the US is putting its weight behind a sick person in an important positon in Pakistan."


"In the final analysis, the sold-out souls ..... will cause more damage to the US than the fictitious and non-existent enemies. These opportunists tell the warlords in the US want they want to hear. They promote their assumptions and lend them credibility. Instead of telling them the truth, all their advice to the US government is based on their self-interest, lies and deception. People, who are not loyal to their own people and their own county and faith, can never be faithful to the outsiders whose favours they consider vital for their self-promotion."

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