Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love Jon Stewart (He of The Daily Show)

Not only is Jon Stewart serious eye-candy, he is the comic genius of the current era. (Mock the Week makes me laugh too!)

According to The Daily Show web site, ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is set to guest on the 18th September show; can't wait for his answers to the gorgeous JS's questions on that 'sexed-up' document!!!

Interesting Guardian pieces on the delectable Jon Stewart:

But the point about the Daily Show is that it isn't just a comedy programme. It is gloriously funny – Stewart was praised in a Guardian leader earlier this month which concluded "no comedian alive offers quite the same joyful, cathartic dose of satire as does the 45-year-old New Yorker" - but the real reason why it's become cult viewing is because its analysis is so incisive.

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The Daily Show is satire with substance, a spoof news programme in which Stewart mercilessly punctures the headlines and skewers the powerful with cleverly edited film clips, sharp one-liners and bemused expressions. It features interviews - guests have included Victoria Beckham, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise and Pervez Musharraf - and parodic news items from a team of roving reporters. Ridiculous stories delivered with a straight face, in the style of the fake newspaper The Onion, are combined with the bracing iconoclasticism of Michael Moore minus earnestness or ego. British viewers - who can catch it on the More4 channel four times a week or via the Comedy Central website - might be reminded of the Nineties news spoof The Day Today with Chris Morris and Steve Coogan, Angus Deayton's irreverent hosting of Have I Got News for You and Armando Iannucci's taste for the politically preposterous. Add the rottweiler instincts of John Humphrys or Jeremy Paxman, and throw in some downright silliness, and you have something approaching The Daily Show.

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ps given the choice of a dinner date with either Imran Khan (my cricket hero), or Jon Stewart, sorry Imran but I'd choose The Daily Show's JS :-)

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