Thursday, December 17, 2009

BCS_SGAI 2009 Machine Intelligence Winner: Fly by Ear Helicopter

As reported by Richard Wallace, developer of Alicebot, Fly by Ear won the 2009 BCS_SGAI 2009 Machine Intelligence Competition for Progress Towards Machine Intelligence.

Well done to De Montfort University's Benjamin N. Passow and Mario A. Gongora. About Fly By Ear:

"Hearing is an invaluable sense for humans and has been greatly under-explored in the fields of AI and robotics. We show how communication and the sense of hearing can vastly improve the intelligent behaviour of an autonomous indoor helicopter. The audience will see the autonomous helicopter fly and manoeuvre on-stage while a supervising machine reads its intrinsic sound, extracts a variety of valuable information and feeds it back to the helicopter to enhance its stability and flight path. This novel use of artificial hearing presents an important advance in control, robotics, and machine intelligence."

From here.

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