Sunday, December 20, 2009

I love James Cameron's Planet Pandora - Avatar is 3D Awesome!

What a movie! I want to IMAX-enjoy James Cameron's giant blue cat-Navi Avatars and experience the beauty of planet Pandora again and again and again!

"On Friday, Avatar wrangled a stellar estimated $27 million on approximately 7,000 screens at 3,452 sites (including $3.5 million from its midnight start). The picture's 3D presentations at 2,038 sites accounted for 58 percent of the gross. Avatar's first day stands as the third highest-grossing ever for a December release." (From IMDb)

Update January 2, 2010: "during the week between Christmas and New Year, the box office seemed on track to chalk up $500 million for the week, a record, analysts observed. (The previous record was set last year following the opening of The Dark Knight, when combined ticket sales reached $396.2 million.) Leading the field was Fox's Avatar, which added another $18.5 million to its domestic gross on Wednesday, bringing it to $268.9 million after 13 days. (Far more impressive, however, is the foreign gross, which stood at $525.3 million on Tuesday.) " From IMDb

Haunting score and theme song awaken memories of Titanic; scenes reminiscent of Cameron's Aliens, Spielberg's Jurassic Park, Gibson's Apocalypto and Rob Cohen's Dragonheart, Avatar's allegory may not be new, but the 3D epic, in ginormous IMAX presentation, is what cinematic spectacular experience is all about, thrilling, breath-taking wonder. Cheers, whistles, applause from IMAX's audience, energy that transported to a technical, special effects planet of daunting monsters, exquisite creatures, and a proud Navi people entwined within a soft love tale, battling an oppressive invading force, you just didn't want to leave, you wanted to experience it again, and again. Avatar has received four Golden Globe nominations, it deserves them all (for 'Best Motion Picture - Drama', 'Best Director - Motion Picture', 'Best Original Score - Motion Picture', and 'Best Original Song - Motion Picture'). Let's hope it receives those awards, and some Oscar nominations too. Cameron's interview:

Thank you to James Cameron, the cast and all who were involved in bringing Pandora to life through such a fantastic movie!


Anonymous said...

AVATAR is Pocahontas on SteroidS!!!!!!:)

r4i kaart said...

Movie was simply great everyone must see it because..Though certainly not the pioneering experience it's been touted as, Avatar is an exciting, visually arresting, and occasionally powerful slab of Hollywood filmmaking driven by one of the industry's most committed, passionate, stand-alone creative forces.

kiwi said...

Avatar is outstanding. In every aspect of the movie. I can feel the journey, the tension and the relationship. Every charakter seems to be real. It lifes my fantasy.

Avatar is a new generation of a movie.
Thxful to James Cameron .
I watch Avatar and never get bored.

Huma Shah said...

Hello Anonymous, r4i kaart and kiwi, thanks for your Avatar views. Just watched a recording of Jonathan Ross's 2009 Films of the Year (BBC1), in which Academy Award winning Director Danny Boyle-Slum Dog Millionaire declared Avatar as one of his two best of 2009, adding that James Cameron is the kind of film-maker who will be talked about in 50 year's time. Watch the episode here:

What Avatar has is the uplifting feeling of the meek overcoming the oppressors, with a 'little help' from a turncoat, in a backdrop of a spiritually captivating environment. I can't wait to see it a second time.

A happy, Avatar 2010! :-)

Anonymous said...

"Avatar is pocahontas on steroids"

true, true and more true.

Anonymous said...

pocohantas sure i can see that. I was so amazed by the movie that i simply can't understand anyone's negative thoughts about the movie. I'm 20 years old and usually remain emotionally unattached through movies and i couldnt help but feel so choked up for the last hour or so. I've never felt so emotionally engaged in a movie. It takes you through a journey where you are eye to eye with the conflicts of this world and makes you want to live for some greater purpose. Aside from that the movie itself is absolutely breathtaking visually. The world of Pandora captures everything you can imagine to be beautiful and inspiring. I've seen this movie twice and it was better the second time. I will definitely purchase this when it comes out. I remember thinking about everything when the credits rolled and i know pocohantas is a great comparrison but i feel like this is the "fern gulley" of our age